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Drosophila Glioblastoma Models

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Drosophila melanogaster has been a useful model system for identifying new signaling pathways and effectors in gliomas. Moreover, with our work in Drosophila models, we have developed in depth expertise in confocal imaging of whole mount 'minibrains,' single cell functional genetic and phenotypic analyses, and a variety of developmental neurobiology approaches that we have readily adapted to ongoing research on mammalian models of glioblastoma, particularly our tumor stem cell models.

Our group works with Drosophila-based models of high grade gliomas. We have several publications on these models and their uses:

Chen, A. and R.D. Read. 2019. Drosophila models for human brain cancers. Book chapter for “Drosophila Models in Cancer.” Springer Nature., edited by W.M. Deng.

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Read, R.D., W.K. Cavenee, F.B. Furnari, J.B. Thomas. 2009. A Drosophila model for EGFR-Ras and PI3K dependent human glioma. PLoS Genetics 5(2):e1000374.

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